Wives with bisexual husbands

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Wives at hiv risk from bisexual husbands

Thanks for reading my problems. Go do some learning instead of using the antiquated narrow view of two end points with no other options. I am afraid to open up because i am afraid to be judged and laughed at. ‘m not sure why we should be shocked when someone ends a marriage and comes out of the closet. For some tips on how he can support you. When you are there it demystifies the event. This is an adjustment period.


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Wives with bisexual husbands. You need to be brave too. Without consent then we are entering the territory of rape. The ideal here is for the two partners to learn to talk honestly with each other about their sexual needs, and other needs, and what to do about them. Someone having desires to explore their bisexual side is another and part of the various changes that take place in life. I appreciate your comments and i certainly appreciate the website, and any advice you could give for my wife. They’re not gays! they are bissexual.


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Now that i knew, what was i going to do about it?

This was a surprise but, from my point of view, not a disaster. Weary from the struggle, you become exasperated with yourself, as you see no way out of this conundrum.

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