Redhead movie characters

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She is the most sarcastic and cynical of the four friends, but is always there when one of them needs her and we guarantee her hair will always look perfect. If you haven’t watched this film at least half a dozen times and wished you had a ginger twin, you’re doing something wrong. This was the hair that every teen redhead coveted. Remember when van gogh wanted to marry her? Might be a natural blonde but she rocks the redhead, and in no film better than easy a. Giselle is a fairytale princess who learns she doesn’t need to marry a prince charming after she is forced into the real world and meets divorce lawyer, robert. Did we ever see a ginger vampire before jessica? can anyone think of a ginger vampire, seriously? if not, then jessica is groundbreaking.

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Amy pond – doctor who

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Redhead movie characters. ‘s face and that cheeky iceberg that just wouldn’t quit. In short, olive might just be the sexiest redhead on the list. But let’s forget about the plot line and focus on the hair. Those bad boys are going down in folklore.


Vivian – pretty woman

Forget gwen stacey, there’s a reason everyone loves mj the best. It is the amazing embodiment of perfect cartoon hair after it comes to life. It wasn’t just skipping across oz with a scarecrow, a tin man and a cowardly lion that made judy garland an icon, it was reddish ringlet pigtails as well.