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With two middle fingers inside of her, start moving them up and down (not in and out) with the tips curled upwards towards her belly. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness. All this time, remember to keep sucking and licking her clit, and using your other finger to stimulate her g-spot. Keeping your tongue in place and moving your head. I don’t practice mindfulness or tantra, and sitting still for this long is alien to me. I chat with a red-haired woman wearing hand of fatima earrings. The following media may contain sensitive material.

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Pleasure her thru her pants. But sometimes girls do not like to take off bra so you can ask her for removing her panty. When sexual intercourse goes really well, it can give both the man and the woman intensely delightful sensations. I shove the thought out of reach, as if forcing an overflowing wardrobe door shut, and go back to imagining the milky way in my pinkie finger. Regular, quick touches are often too predictable for a woman to enjoy. If a guy (you) knows how to do it right (and takes his time) it can be 10x better for her. Keep refining your technique until that baby is fine-tuned and tailor made to fit perfectly with her orgasmic weaknesses. Whereas if you fight all the time, a luxurious room with candles, incense, a grand bed, and big fluffy pillows will not feel like a safe place.

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