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The 3 very best sex positions for older lovers | huffpost

Fondling her breasts, kissing and nibbling her neck can also ramp things up a bit. Then try variations of these new things. And on and on. Your guy will get even deeper penetration, and the added leverage will put you at the ideal angle for him to hit your g-spot. Below, we asked eight real women for their favorite sex moves, then consulted sex experts for their tips on how to upgrade your own go-to moves so they feel new and exciting. Two tricks to try: first, prop a pillow under your butt, as that’ll change the angle of your partner’s penetration, potentially making it easier to hit your g-spot, says taylor.

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Love position sex woman. Second is woman at top style. This feels even better when you are wet or use a little lube. This paddle has a stiff leather side as well as a faux fur side, meaning you can switch things up between rough and gentle. Now, get ready to do a little racy road testing. I am very very shy kind of person when it comes to being in bed. We’re in a spooning position, and he moves onto his knees behind me and continues thrusting from there. This is from the pressure on your feet that runs down your legs, cum and all your pelvic area.


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This is a great tutorial for all, keep up the good work, thank you. Perhaps one of these moves is your ticket too?

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