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A tech lifted the lid on a smooth oblong metal compartment that looked like a coffin except it was about 20 feet long and silvery metallic. I playfully smeared my cum on your face. Get to lick my other foot clean. Gail panted, getting on her hands and knees and straightening up enough to guide his beautiful, veined, long cock towards her open anus with her hand.


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Licking his spurting semen from his piss slit. My eyes widened at what going to be in store. Gail felt him run it up her ass all the way, lifting her as he held her to him in his arms. Do everything!” you begged. And it was hard for you to get more than a couple of drops out. The swollen, purple glans that filled her sucking mouth started to pulse. The sight of his love pole going into her asshole excited todd further. He was starting to make me feel inferior.

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The air-conditioning felt great. You gave me a devious, grin.