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You have pulled her back from her orgasm (by slowing down, for example) and now you need to speed back up so she comes close to reaching orgasm again. And if you do it right, it can be overwhelming for her. Swing both legs over his hips and thighs, making a bridge over them. It’s not very aerobic, so the sex can go on for a long time without either of you tiring out,” says laura berman, phd, director of the berman center and author of. It allows you to dictate the pace and depth of thrusting, but mainly, you have easy access to your clitoris,” says berman. Without wrapping around, simply place the thumb and index finger in the same place, on either side, with fingers also pointing downwards.


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Give your girl the perfect orgasm. From steak and eggs to blueberry pancakes, you deserve a summertime treat. The vagina will begin to draw away less and less and the contractions should start to become continuous. And this is why using a blindfold in the bedroom can work so effectively at making a woman cum. We got to meet the artistic director. Reason that you shouldn’t be able to give a girl an orgasm multiple times when you’re sleeping with her.


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During sexual arousal it becomes engored with blood and becomes more sensitive. When you go back to using your tongue, add a finger or two to stroke her g-spot on the first few inches of the upper inside wall of her pussy.

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