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I clench my legs together, trying to smother the want that is settling in my belly and making my pussy throb. One young girl is getting a bare bottomed spanking by her mistress. It’s some kind of tribal tattoo – fairly large and sort of round. Angela pats my back and nods approvingly. In the bottom drawer of your desk is a large vibrator and an envelope containing a magazine on your favorite fantasy: bondage.


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Girls shower room orgasm. I am beyond words when she pulls me up for a deep kiss. Aren’t you going to shower, too?” her voice is soft and playful, and my heart leaps at the sound of it. I grab her ass and lower my eyes to the caramel folds in front of me. I hear her dress in the locker room, and the swooshing sound of the door as she exits. Her voice is low, and she’s still standing with her back to me. My gaydar is better than yours, and i’m straight. I see you are making a habit out of stalking me in the middle of my pre-lunch contemplation sessions.

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I shake my head and smile, the image of the possibly gay beauty floating my mind. Nowadays, edward is gay as a handbag full of rainbows and everybody in our circle of friends and family seems to be okay with it. Naked blonde in the locker room of the fitness club.

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