Gassy after masturbation


Masturbation causes severe gas and bloating - things you didnt know

You can be tested for both of the above. Good morning! thank you for writing to me. Eat a low-gi diet and avoid sugar. Flying solo is totally safe and means you can get as freaky as you possibly want and even throw. Some people have high sensitivity towards masturbation and maybe you are one of them. I’m not some crazy idiot who believes in every conspiracy theory and god (no offence.

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Masturbation may be key to a flatter tummyVaginal gas and flatulence

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Gassy after masturbation. Try during kegels exercises on a daily basis to increase the muscle tone of your pelvic musculature. There is also a level of confidence that comes with age. Peace and good health. And the brain’s reward circuit is being bombarded with pleasurable messages, with. You see a lot of youtubers who sometimes suddenly disappear and then they come back to tell you they’ve been tired/lazy. Which leads to more sexual control and better enjoyment, which leads to more sex, and so on and so on. Likely to be gas.


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As your pelvic musculature regains its strength with time, the problem would subside on its own. Of course, if you are older than 50, it actually does lower your risk of prostate cancer, which is probably where this myth comes from. My hair started thinning only in the front.

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