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But ultimately, the station agent is less a film about dwarfism than an ensemble piece about three lonely people struggling to find a kind of connection. What the hell is wrong with victor? i totally thought that about the kicks too. One of the strikers spotted peter dinklage standing on the steps of the hotel, nonchalantly puffing on a cigarette. She was just little. This is why i read this blog. How exactly a dude who stands four feet tall can be a bully is a question quickly answered by watching a few of his videos.


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Family guy old man and midget. Both these conditions affect men and women. Make unfailing you’ve passably consequential to reach upright to the base at the show – using two pieces of material. Now with more flashiness! Hardly surprising then that the trio of dinklage, cannavale and patricia clarkson, who plays a depressed painter whose attentions they vie for, have done so well at a string of acting awards ceremonies. Took me over the edge.

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People have the strangest ideas about dwarves. Etc are some of the few ways to change the aesthetics of little people.