Deep inside the anus

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Proctalgia fugax and anal pain: causes, diagnosis, and home remedies

It’s actually annoying this time. What can i do to ease the pain when i go? I have pain at my anal especially when i sit on wooden chairs. What could it be and what should i do to fix this?


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Deep inside the anus. Hi, been to my doctor again yesterday for my ongoing anal pain. And the diarrhea stopped. When i get sharp pains in my bum it only lasts about 10-30 seconds. While i really want to believe that all of these “creams” will essentially work (and i hope to try them, i have only used vaseline and it didnt stop the bleeding), i am a firm believer that physical intervention is much more effective. This message is for amy who posted her comment on 19 november. Unfortunately, proctalgia fugax is one of the many medical conditions for which there is no good explanation or treatment.


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So ive had years of stressing that i have had some horrible condition. But its been nearly two weeks and my poo is kinda there but cant come out !!! help it hurts loads and my tummy is bloated.

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