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That is the easy one. I gave her a few more hard spanks, before dropping the hairbrush and gathering her close to me. Oh wait, maybe you picked the perfect chapter to start with. Who are you, what are you doing here?” i manage to stammer out. I imagine that she will punish him by kissing his neck later. Bella is annoyed, and rightfully so.

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Bella edward spank. Edward what is going on? are you the one who spanked me two weeks ago?”. I’ve been working in bookstores for 10 years, then one fateful day i stumbled on twilight, read the first chapter as a laugh on my lunchbreak, became an addict, spent a week reading all kinds of blogs looking to fill the twi-void inside, now twitarded is the only one i come back to regularly. We entered the room, the door slamming shut behind us. She’s sworn to secrecy about the world of monsters. He pulls my legs up and rests my calves on his shoulders. Follows her for two weeks, and then decides to claim her. @honolulu girl – i’m curious.

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My smile stays small as i shoot her a wink and walk to the coffee pot. I never thought that being a 21yo and in love with twilight could be any better than what i have read on this blog. I carried her limp and exhausted body to the bed, laying her down on her stomach.

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