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Jillian janson is one cute little amish girl. I believe there can be too much info, too soon, but there’s also not enough proper information. (plus shes actually trying to act, so it makes it kinda funny too). It’s so easy for us – as authors and readers – to apply our english (non-amish) cultural norms onto their culture but, integrity demands that we write accurately about another culture even if it is a fiction book.


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Amish girls like to fuck. But pedophilia is a hard disease to treat. Let’s be honest it doesn’t take to much learning to do this, i hauled amish for going on 20 years and read paper, marriage license in june and baby in october means most of them know all they need to know. ) but, i did have a step mom and when ever i asked a question pertaining to some one having a baby “out of wedlock” the answer i got was, “kids were to be seen and not heard”. Their curiosity was settled for the time being. Blue eyes, you always have interesting additions to my blog post.

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